Fela On Repeat

Gorilla wey run from bush, enter Lagos e enter bus … he miss road, oh yes… he miss road oh yes, he miss road … I say he miss road … e go cause confusion …driver go stop … bus go brake … passenger go scatter … If you miss your road ,don’t come my way ,abeg o , don’t come my way, Abeg o ,don’t come my way!!!! ||| and the Fela wisdom still flows.

Abami Eda. Muse. Artist. Voracious Reader. Poet. Soldier. Pan Africanist. Leader. Controversial. Influencer. Intellectual. Troublemaker. Feminist. Humanist. Activist. Black Power Poster Boy. Bad Ass Composer. Mama’s Boy. Soldier. Father To The Lost. 20 years gone today…and we still remember you and your legacy. Rest In Peace, Power, Passion and No Palava!


Love Ugoma x

Art by: Lemi Ghariokwu

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