Ugoma on Melbourne Australia

So poetic, so perfect, so poignant that on the eve of my birthday I had the privilege to be on the phone to Melbourne Australia (at the crack of dawn I tell you) to curate a special Fela playlist for Stani Goma’s listeners and to speak with Him as a special guest on Flight 1067 to Africa on PBS 106.7fm.

The audio file is posted for your pleasure now dear friends- please listen! The wonders and the connections of art, artists and art adventures in my life will never cease to amaze me. I work damn hard and I have worked bloody hard to be at the point where I am termed a “cultural activist” (hian- the jury is still out on that one) .

I am honored to be honored amongst artists and the conscious (game recognizes game I guess) and i am a lucky lucky girl that I have the privilege and the pain of doing the best job in the world. Thank you Fela Kuti, for you and for bringing Lemi Ghariokwu to my life and world through your cosmic ways and continue to Rest In Peace. We remember you 20 years later and forever. Please Listen to my interview on the show guys and please follow Mr Goma, our Ethiopian Australian brother doing great things. 

Listen Here

Art by: Lemi Ghariokwu

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Ugoma x

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